Project Description

Care - Accompanying the Careleavers in a path of Autonomy Resilience and Empowerment

In Brief

The CARE project - Accompanying the Careleavers in a path of Autonomy, Resilience and Empowerment, is born from the need gained over the years of experience in the field to realize a specific training aimed at university students of the faculties of humanities, which can be an added value to work with minors in view of their exit from the reception paths.

The need analysis was carried out during the CHILD.FOR.CHILD project coordinated by the 3P Cooperativa and funded by the EU REC program, highlighted how is needed the implementation of a guide figure and support to the autonomy of the young people who, after having lived part of their adolescence in reception facilities or foster families, they find themselves having to face entry into adult life "alone" and most of the time without the tools necessary to cope with these new changes. This even more if we consider that in Italy, the boys who live within their families of origin, at the age of eighteen, are certainly not ready for an independent life.

For this reason, it is important to train professionals to guide young people on a path of autonomy, resilience and empowerment, which starts from their entry into the reception structures or foster family, and continues even after their exit, as points of reference for the guys out who don't have a family that can support them or that isn't adequate for that.