The following are interviews conducted with Role Models during the implementation of the project

We interviewed 6 Care Leavers as Role Models who have implemented pathways to independent living to ask questions about strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities during their experience

INTERVIEW N.1 Care Leavers

3 care leavers from Italy, Spain, and Romania were asked questions to identify common aspects that fostered resilience,the path to autonomy, and the acquisition of necessary skills, and to highlight any gaps encountered during the care journey in the out-of-home care systems for children.

In this interview, care leavers answered questions pertaining to their future and what elements make life as an adult easier.

INTERVIEW N.2 Care Leavers

INTERVIEW N.3 Care Leavers

Care leavers reflect on what they would have liked to have been taught while in protection, what their expectations are for the future, and what they see themselves as adults.

In the last interview, careleavers were asked about the positive characteristics of the social workers they encountered and what activities,carried out during the protection process, they liked the most. Finally they were asked, based on their individual life experiences, whether the foster parents or the staff of the group homes were able to help them achieve their goals?

INTERVIEW N.4 Care Leavers