Toolkit for the development of pathways to autonomy, resilience and empowerment for Care Leavers

In this IO, different tools were used to realise individual and group pathways of autonomy, resilience and empowerment in order to support young people to think and think of themselves in a life outside protection contexts.

A manual has been developed, with theoretical references and guidelines, to help care leavers acquire autonomy skills, accompanied by practical tools, activity fact sheets, evaluation tools, observation sheets, checklists and operational sheets. This material can be downloaded online from both the partner organisations' and the project website.

The Toolkit is divided into two sections: a first part "Manual" containing information, references and good practices of working with Care Leavers in at-risk contexts, with the analysis of proposed actions and activities; a second part "Workbook" containing practical tools that can be used by professionals and students to develop skills in the management of possible predictable and/or recurring situations in the development of care leavers' autonomy paths.

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