Summer School

Care leaving: pathways out of the welfare system

The project's summer school, entitled Care leaving: pathways out of the welfare system, started from 29 August to 7 September. 30 students from the humanities departments of the University of Loyola (Seville), the University of Bucharest and the University of Palermo, which also hosted the training, participated in the learning activity. The objective of the summer was the training of professional tutors for the autonomy of care leavers, a key role in the growth process of each person in care who are asked for mediation skills within groups, authentic support in the relationship with the individual person, networkers, to connect the relational, emotional, economic and practical resources of the territory, in order to enhance and enrich resilience. The in-presence summer school in Palermo was preceded by an online session held from 13 June to 1 July that prepared students to familiarise themselves with the core concepts Autonomy Resilience and Empowerment. The training was held by lecturers belonging to the three universities who alternated theoretical sessions with practical sessions for the knowledge and use of operational tools in working with minors outside the family.