SPAIN ME1 - Care leavers: between new needs and new resources to promote autonomy

The first event took place in Seville (Spain) on 21 April 2022 and its main objective was to present the 'CARE' project, its objectives, expected results, and the impact it will have.

Loyola University's professors from the Department of International Studies and Law, María Ángeles Alaminos Hervas and Maria Lubomira Kubica, presented the results obtained from the studies carried out to the rest of the project partners and the entities present.

The researchers carried out a bibliographic review of the models applied to trace the pathways to autonomy in child protection centres and also conducted a study and comparative analysis of intervention models for the promotion of autonomy. These recommendations, based on the studies, were presented to the attending project partners and invited participating entities, which are stakeholders from local, regional, national and international authorities and interested academic sectors with a focus on organisations specialised in the management of former prisoners and children under guardianship. University students and former trainees also participated in the event, bringing their own contributions.

These recommendations presented at the event lay the groundwork for developing a tool to analyse the autonomy, resilience and empowerment patterns of young people leaving the care system, identifying protection and risk factors, in order to develop a personalised project.